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The past few decades it has been primarily the traditional teacher centered method but with the way that things are changing classrooms are slowing going into more and more of a student centered method. A interesting statistic I found was it said 43 percent of students feel unprepared to use technology as they look to higher education or in their work area according to integrating technology. (Nellie) with the help of technology in the classroom for subject like reading and researching it allows kids to expand their minds and look at it from a different way then just drills and writing things out verbatim. It is also shows that these skills and allowing technology being the center for the students learning it gives them tools they can using the real world and when they get to their job. It is shown that most organizations want their new employees to be well versed in technology because it helps with creative thinking, and problem solving. They want students like this because they believe that it is an essential tool for them to have success in the global society. On the other side thought according to FNO it tells use they did a 10 year study to see if making the classrooms more student centered around technology would help the kids improve or if it would make the grades be worst. The results showed that the teachers who were older felt like it was their first year teaching again. Along with that they also added that it added a lot more complex challenges for the teachers. Through the study they turned the class to more of a hybrid. With that I think that’s a good idea because it allows the kids to have both sides of learning because there may be students still who learn better form a teacher centered classroom. (Teaching with Technology) Besides that though I think having the students being the center of their learning it gives them a sense of empowerment. Instead of just standing in front of the class and having them sit and just talking to them. It helps the students to learn when you allow them to get up and move and actually see what they are doing on a computer or through the help of a power point. With a online website you can help the students have a place to go and practice their skills on their own time or in class so it feels like they are in control of what they do and the pace they go at. Along with that I think it helps a lot to facilitate the learning for students is a very simple fact that it is just more fun to learn when you are not just sitting and taking notes. For most students in this new generation they will learn better and be able to make connections to certain topics if they are able to visually see it and have it in front of them. With this it will allow the kids to remember the information down the road possibly if they see something that reminds them of the activity of presentation they did or saw. (Faculty focus)

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